Thursday 22 September 2016

...With a Chainsaw

...With a Chainsaw
I recently saw a post on Facebook asking you to mention the last ten book you have read and then add “with a Chainsaw” to the title. Silly, but the thought kept me awake for a large chunk of the night. What if I did that to the last ten movies I have watched?

Let’s see:

1.       Some Came Running with a Chainsaw

Uh, I want to see that one!

2.       My Uncle with a Chainsaw

Suddenly he is not such a cozy uncle anymore

3.       Dracula with a Chainsaw

Now, there is an idea for a Hollywood flat out of original ideas. Merging themes has become come il faut lately and this beats the crap out of Superman vs Batman

4.       Ashes and Diamonds with a Chainsaw

Strange, but not that funny

5.       Vertigo with a Chainsaw

This could get really confusing. Sort of a random massacre

6.       The Music Room with a Chainsaw

Very bizarre music! Or maybe the room is used for other things as well.

7.       The Defiant Ones with a Chainsaw

Not only are they on the run, but they are armed!

8.       Cairo Station with a Chainsaw

Everybody get out of there! The paperboy has gone completely bonkers!

9.       Gig with a Chainsaw

Now, there is a musical with an edge!

10.   Touch of Evil with a Chainsaw

Hmmm… not really working

And I will just add an eleventh for good measure

11.   Man of the West with a Chainsaw

That could work. A reinvention of the western

When you think about it there are plenty of good titles in movie history that would work and completely change the movie. Spartacus with a Chainsaw. The Dark Knight with a Chainsaw. The Fabulous Amelie from Montmartre with a Chainsaw. The Emperor Strike Back with a Chainsaw. Julia and Juliet with a Chainsaw. The Devil Wears Prada with a Chainsaw. Or go a bit back in history with Swing Time with a Chainsaw or Singing in the Rain with a Chainsaw. How about Citizen Kane with a Chainsaw?


  1. My favorite is the first. Who are the "some"? Zombies?

    1. Unspecified. Zombies is a good suggestion. I sense a bit of panic in that title.

  2. I think it's worth mentioning the movies I watched today with this addition. One works surprisingly well, one sounds like a home improvement movie, and the last is just odd.

    Bloody Birthday...with a Chainsaw
    The Spiral Staircase...with a Chainsaw
    45 Years...with a Chainsaw

    1. Super gory! that is not a birthday you expect to survive.
      Actually that home impovement show sounds fun. I would watch it.
      The life of a lumberjack. Could be dull.

  3. My favorite recently viewed "chainsaw" film is: Farewell My Concubine with a Chainsaw (1993), followed closely by: Housekeeping with a Chainsaw(1987)

    1. Those are awesome! I love Housekeeping with a Chainsaw.