Friday, 1 March 2019

Report (1967)

“Report” is another one of the many wonderful experimental movies on the List… ahem…

While the soundtrack consists of tv and, presumably, radio reports on and around the murder of John F. Kennedy, the visuals is an odd mix of tv clips from the shooting and short clips of all sorts. Some of these clips relate to death and destruction while others are of a more peaceful nature.

The whole thing lasts 13 minutes.

I did not dislike this movie, which is a huge improvement over most of the experimental movies on the List, but I cannot say that I actually get it.

The murder on John F. Kennedy was a major event and this is obviously at the core of this film. It is tempting to think it is a media critique, relating to the coverage and even obsession with the murder, but I suppose it is open for interpretation.

I watch this with a bemused interest, but it does not generate anything but a slight uncomfortability, telling me that life can be hard and brutal.

There is not much else for me to say about “Report”.

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