Wednesday, 14 November 2018

Hold Me While I'm Naked (1966)

Hold Me While I'm Naked
I am done with 1965 and quickly on to the first movie of 1966. And 1966 starts with an experimental movie, hurrah.

These short movies in the sixties have generally been disappointing and “Hold Me While I’m Naked” is unfortunately not the exception.

As usual I have no clue what is actually happening. That is not entirely true, what happens in the scenes are quite recognizable and I do have some vague ideas as to the meaning of some of the scenes, but the bigger picture is lost on me.

There is something about a guy who is making a film. The girl he is filming has to be filmed naked. She does not like that she always has to undress and quits. There are people kissing. The film maker walks in a park enjoying himself? More kissing. A woman in a bathtub is kissing while her wet dress fails to hide her oversize breasts. Then our film guy is in a shower of his own, woken to attention by his mother yelling from outside that he needs to get out of the shower and come to eat his dinner.


Soooo… this is a guy who lives at home and dreams of shooting pictures of women with large breasts? A new Russ Meyer? This is about as far as I got in my analysis.

I suppose there is a certain erotic value in having the girl kiss in the shower and her breast bouncing out, but somehow it comes across more like very bad taste than something exciting. I feel repulsed, not aroused and that of course may be the whole idea.

Something tells me that I should find this little movie interesting, that it should tickle my curiosity or open my eyes to a new point of view. You might not get that impression reading this blog, but I do like film art and would actively seek out exhibitions of that sort. I am just not that interested in this movie. It is not as amateurish as some of the stuff I have been served from the List, but it seems almost as pointless.

I just checked out the movie on Wikipedia and it says it is about sexual frustration and aloneness. Yeah, that sounds about right.

Anyway, 1966 is on and while it is a fairly small year on the list, there are a few very interesting titles coming up so I will rush on to the next movie.



  1. You've got me beat! FilmStruck month is slowing me down.

    1. Yeah, but then you got yourself a holiday watching all sorts of movies from other eras. You will catch up, no worries.

  2. I know the experimental films on the list can sometimes be frustrating. Yet I'm glad they are there even if they aren't some of the ones I would choose. It does help to have a blog because I do find them fun to write about.

    1. In principle I agree with you. It is just that they have alsomost all of them been terrible. The last good experimental film on the list was Maya Deren's from 1943.
      But, yeah, they make for interesting reviews.

    2. Yeah, that was a good one. Completely weird but fun.

  3. We'll disagree a little on this. I think there's a This is Spinal Tap quality to this. It's bad, but it's bad in a way that seems like it was intentionally so, but trying to look unintentionally so.

    I'm not making sense. I think this is supposed to look silly, but within the film, we're supposed to think that he's really trying to make something great.

    1. I think you got me a bit dizzy there.
      I get the intentional bad, I am just not sure what he is trying to say with that and it is not really bad enough to be fun. At least for me.